Bitcoin is skyrocketing as a result of Coinbase IPO

Last Tuesday, Bitcoin (BTC) hit a new all-time high of $ 62,845. This all-time high has now also been broken. According to analysts, the announcement surrounding the upcoming stock exchange listing of the US crypto exchange Coinbase could have boosted the most popular cryptocurrency.

The impact of Coinbase

The “Coinbase Effect” means that a coin or token experiences a significant increase in its price after it is listed on Coinbase. So Bitcoin could also benefit from some kind of “Coinbase effect.” The listing is getting a lot of press attention, and it is predicted that this attention will only increase until the listing is made public and official. Investors who do not yet have a cryptocurrency in their possession should do so quickly.

“The Coinbase hype within the crypto world, in terms of valuation and impact on other markets, means that this incident could potentially start a chain reaction leading to a surge in all cryptocurrencies,” Singapore-based crypto-quant company QCP Capital wrote on its own Telegram channel last Monday.

In a newsletter last week, IntoTheBlock, a cryptocurrency research and data blog, stated that the expectation of Coinbase’s listing has led to a greater propensity to make risky trades in the crypto world. For the first time in history, the total market cap of all cryptocurrencies exceeded $ 2 trillion a week ago. After doubling this year, Bitcoin’s value has underperformed against the S&P 500 Index of major US stocks for the past month, according to QCP. Still, Coinbase’s listing could be a reversal. In any case, that is what many crypto investors are more than happy to hope for. Spain Cryptocurrency Predictions is popular.

More Bitcoins will become illiquid, according to analyst Willy Woo, meaning they will be pulled from the markets and kept for the long term by the owner of these crypto coins. As a result, there will be less liquidity for potential Bitcoin buyers, forcing them to pay a high price for a Bitcoin. That also drives the value of Bitcoin up sharply.

On the other hand, net cash flow in the crypto world fell by $ 23 million last week to a respective figure of $ 83 million.

At around the same time, Bitcoin’s market dominance fell to around 55.6 percent, which is its lowest level since April 2019. This may indicate that more buyers are turning their attention to alternative crypto coins (altcoins). Many people speculated that this was the start of a new alt-season.

Ethereum and Other Cryptocurrencies

On Wednesday morning, Ethereum hit a new all-time high of $ 2,300, but exchange tokens like Binance Coin (BNB) and Pancakeswap (CAKE) stole the show over the past few days with percentage gains hitting double digits.

According to Messari, BNB is up more than 41% in the past week, while UNI is up more than 35%.

According to QCP, the recent surge in these tokens is a “spillover” of Coinbase’s listing. They also warned that the hype surrounding this whole thing could lead to “too many short-term problems” in the crypto industry.

Binance, which is the world’s largest crypto exchange by trading volume, revealed on Monday that it will now offer its customers a tokenized stock service that does not require commission. The rates will be settled in Binance’s own stablecoin, called Binance USD (BUSD). France Crypto predictions is popular.

Initial public offering of Coinbase

Yesterday, the largest cryptocurrency trading platform in the United States went public. The company, which was founded in 2012, is the first crypto exchange to be listed on the stock exchange. The SEC (Securities and Exchanges Commission) approved the IPO at the beginning of April.

Normally, investment banks would help sell shares, but that doesn’t happen in this case. Coinbase will receive a direct stock exchange listing. With this listing, cryptocurrency will become even more part of our financial system.

Brewer Budweiser buys beer.eth for 30 Ethereum, via ENS and OpenSea

Budweiser and cryptocurrency? The American brewer who likes to call itself King of Beers has bought the domain name beer.eth via the online marketplace OpenSea. They paid 30 ethers for this, at the current rate of Ethereum that is about 79 thousand euros.

Rocket is a symbol

The official Budweiser Twitter account has also changed the profile picture to a Budweiser rocket. NFT artist Tom Sachs designed the rocket as part of his Rocket Factory Collection. According to OpenSea, the rocket was bought on Tuesday for 8 ether, about 21 thousand euros. The NFT of this design was only 12 days old at the time.

But what does all this mean? Should we see this as a one-off from Budweiser and look beyond it? Perhaps this is the start of a trend, as the fact remains that the largest beer brand in the US has confidence in Ethereum, but also in the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) and NFTs. Since last year we have written a lot about Ethereum and about NFTs, but ENS is barely passing by. Time to dig a little deeper.

What is the Ethereum Name Service (ENS)?

The Ethereum Name Service (ENS) is a distributed, open naming system that runs on the Ethereum blockchain. You can buy internet addresses, but instead of .com or .nl you get .eth. That seems pretty nonsensical to pay a lot of money for that, but this is Ethereum, there is always more. What actually happens is that Ethereum converts receiving addresses, metadata, and hashes (string of numbers and letters) into identifiable web addresses.

The great thing is that this can also be done the other way around, so that you can find out the Ethereum receiving address based on a web address. ENS works just like Domain Name Service (DNS) on the normal internet. has enough information. For example, every website has its own IP address, your computer or web browser reads these IP addresses and shows the correct website. With DNS you don’t have to remember or type IP addresses, but simply enter You can also compare this with your phone book, if you want to call mom, search for mom, not the phone number.

Large amounts

The right domain name can be sold for a nice price, which has led speculators to pick up domain names in the hope of a large amount. These are the most expensive domain names in the Netherlands according to Ipsis: € 2.5 million € 453,780 € 200,000 € 120.000 € 72,000

That is nothing compared to the most expensive domain names (at least publicly) worldwide. According to, the first place is, which sold for 42 million euros. The second is, which was sold for 30 million euros. And takes third place, with 29.8 million euros.

Nearly 700,000 Ethereum in 90 Days

This trend is also reflected in the .eth domain. For example, both artist.eth and artcollector.eth were sold for 10 ether respectively. Visit for more information. At the current ETH rate, that amounts to approximately 26.5 thousand euros per address.

The great thing about OpenSea is that it is a public marketplace, and according to data, the average selling price over the past 90 days has been ENS 0.6113 ETH. The total volume is 691,968 ETH. At the moment 226 thousand addresses are offered. To be fair, most don’t make sense at all and are meant to make a quick profit somewhere.

eToro adds Maker (MKR) and Enjin (ENJ) to platform

Cryptocurrency trading platform eToro has added 2 new coins, Maker (CRYPTO:MKR) and Enjin (CRYPTO:ENJ), for its customers to purchase.

The Maker Protocol was one of the first decentralized apps built on Ethereum in 2015. Guided by MKR holders, Maker is the creator of the DAI stablecoin, a favorite among DeFi users due to its decentralized nature. (WAVES) Waves has started to rise.

Rather than being backed by US dollars held by a centralized custodial entity such as USDC’s Circle, DAI is soft-pegged to the USD through support from Ethereum assets approved by MKR holders.

NFT creation platform

Enjin is an NFT creation platform and blockchain gaming ecosystem. NFTs have the potential to revolutionize gaming, especially the in-game collectibles market. Games like CS:GO and World of Warcraft have spawned resale markets worth absurd amounts. Each player’s items are managed by the developer, be it Steam or Blizzard, who has the ability to lock down a player’s account with millions of dollars worth of items never to hit the market again. Cryptocurrency overzicht is now clear.

By tokenizing in-game items with NFTs, players can maintain custody of their valuable items and prove digital ownership through the Enjin blockchain.

Enjin provides game developers with everything they need to future-proof their game with NFTs on the Enjin Blockchain. NFTs can be minted on-chain using the ENJ token, giving it value. The Enjin UX-friendly wallet and marketplace help the platform stand out from the competition.

Now that you know what a VPN is, we’ll tell you a little more about the types of VPN

Not too much, as we’ll stay focused on the practical use of VPN and avoid technical terms as possible.As described in this article a VPN provides a secure, encrypted connection in a network. That network can be an office network, a public WiFi network, or the regular, public Internet. Below, we briefly describe four types of VPN expressvpn recensioni.

1. Mobile VPN

A mobile VPN allows you to maintain a VPN connection to a network despite changing hotspots, for example, or switching from mobile Internet to WiFi. This type of VPN is therefore ideal when you travel.

2. Remote VPN

A remote VPN is often used by companies to give their employees, who work from home or on the road, access to the office network. With this type of VPN you therefore have a kind of gatekeeper (a so-called ‘gateway’) that determines whether you are authorized to access the network with migliori Netflix VPN nel Italia.

3. Site to site VPN

A ‘site to site’ VPN is basically a variant of the remote VPN. This type is also commonly used by companies, but mainly by smaller offices that use VPN in communication with other offices. Again, a gateway is used but in both networks (the sending and receiving side). The employee connects to the VPN gateway which then sends the data encrypted over the Internet to the receiving gateway.

4. Hardware VPN

The above three types of VPN are software-based VPNs. However, there is also a hardware VPN. This type of VPN is a powerful and stand-alone VPN solution that offers a number of advantages over software VPN solutions, such as a firewall and ‘load balancing’ (distributing required computer capacity to perform heavy tasks across multiple computers/servers).
The hardware VPN is a lot pricier than a software VPN (500 to 1000 euros vs. 50 to 100 euros). Because of these advantages but also because of the higher cost, hardware VPNs are almost only used by larger companies.

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