eToro adds Maker (MKR) and Enjin (ENJ) to platform

Cryptocurrency trading platform eToro has added 2 new coins, Maker (CRYPTO:MKR) and Enjin (CRYPTO:ENJ), for its customers to purchase.

The Maker Protocol was one of the first decentralized apps built on Ethereum in 2015. Guided by MKR holders, Maker is the creator of the DAI stablecoin, a favorite among DeFi users due to its decentralized nature. (WAVES) Waves has started to rise.

Rather than being backed by US dollars held by a centralized custodial entity such as USDC’s Circle, DAI is soft-pegged to the USD through support from Ethereum assets approved by MKR holders.

NFT creation platform

Enjin is an NFT creation platform and blockchain gaming ecosystem. NFTs have the potential to revolutionize gaming, especially the in-game collectibles market. Games like CS:GO and World of Warcraft have spawned resale markets worth absurd amounts. Each player’s items are managed by the developer, be it Steam or Blizzard, who has the ability to lock down a player’s account with millions of dollars worth of items never to hit the market again. Cryptocurrency overzicht is now clear.

By tokenizing in-game items with NFTs, players can maintain custody of their valuable items and prove digital ownership through the Enjin blockchain.

Enjin provides game developers with everything they need to future-proof their game with NFTs on the Enjin Blockchain. NFTs can be minted on-chain using the ENJ token, giving it value. The Enjin UX-friendly wallet and marketplace help the platform stand out from the competition.